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Anna & Fred Defenbaugh     

                                        Santorini Vizslas

Life-long Dog lovers, we have been owned & loved by Vizslas for  over 20 years. We are active members of the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas, the Vizsla Club of America & the Spartanburg Kennel Club, and devote most weekends to dog related activities.

Anna has served as past President, Vice President & Board member for the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas as well as newsletter editor and webmaster for several years, while Fred has served as past President & designer of the VCC's logo. These days we share our days with 3 Vizsla clowns (3 generations), and our lives with our extended Vizsla friends and puppies. We are dedicated to breed improvement & education, and thus strive to be responsible dog owners and breeders. We thoroughly enjoy competing with our Vizslas, but they are first and foremost members of the family.

We welcome you over for a visit to meet us and our Vizslas ~ as well as our occasional litters.








Photo by Amanda Jones

Photo by Amanda Jones ~ Christie, Bisous & Oia



What is a responsible breeder?

A responsible breeder only allows a carefully bred puppy go to a thoroughly screened home . Expect to be interviewed; you in turn should also interview the breeder. If this process does not happen, you should look elsewhere ~ this breeder simply doesn't have the best interest of the puppies in mind.  Be prepared to be cooperative and to give references, and even make a road trip to visit the breeder and litter. The breeder should be knowledgeable about the sire & dam's pedigrees, temperaments & health checks, for example. He should be available at any time during the puppy's lifetime for aid and support. Reputable breeders will always take their puppies back at any time, for any reason.

For more information on our placement process, visit the Puppy Placement page.