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Our Favorite Links


Our Puppy Families' & Friends' Websites:

Ben Webster & Forrest's photo website (Ben is a wonderful amateur photographer!) : http://www.pbase.com/benw/forrest1

Cooper Crabtree's website: http://jcrabtree.com/cooper/

Megan McCartney's website (Cash, Maya & Koios' trainer/ handler): http://www.megvukennels.com/Handling.html

Sue Beasley's 'House Call Grooming' business: http://home.earthlink.net/~housecallgrooming/index.html

Eddie & Jackie McAuliffe ~ Avatar Vizslas (Dillon's owners): www.avatarvizslas.com

Organizational Websites:

The Vizsla Club of America: http://clubs.akc.org/vizsla/

The Vizsla Club of the Carolinas: www.CarolinaVizsla.org

National Vizsla Association: http://thenva.org

Vizsla "Encyclopedia" : good source of general information on Vizslas: www.vizsladogs.com

Johnson Marsh Hunting Preserve:  Bird Dog Training facility & hunting preserve: http://www.johnsonmarsh.com/

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA): http://www.navhda.org/

Info Dog ~ Dog Show Superintendent/ Show information: www.infodog.com

Onofrio Dog Shows: Dog Show Superintendent/ Show information: www.onofrio.com

NADAC (agility): www.nadac.com

USDAA (agility): www.usdaa.com

Canine Events Online: www.dogeventsonline.com

Pedigree Database: http://www.vizsla-k9info.com

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals: www.offa.org

(this page is a work in progress!)