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Meet Our Forever Homes

Michael & Emily with "Santorini's Baby It's Cold Outside" ~ "Bowman" (aka 'Nick')


Laurie & Family with "Peyton" (aka 'Max') ~  Santorini's Auld Lang Syne


Julie & Scott with "Santorini ~ Stellar Stocking Stuffer" ~ "Sophie" (aka ''Wynter')


Ashley with  ~ "Yukon"  ~  Santorini's Deck The Halls


Nate & Riley with  ~ "Santorini's Little Drummer Boy" ~ "Reacher"  (aka "Kris")


Mary with "Santorini ~ Stellar Santa Baby" ~ "Thalia" (aka "Vixen")


Howie, Melanie & Family with "Santorini ~ Stellar Buone Natallia ~ "Tali" (aka "Faith")


 And last but not least! Graham with  ~ "Santorini's Naughty and Nice"  (aka "Holly")