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We are proud to introduce Zip & Kata's "Get up & Go" Litter

Bred by Elizabeth Hume, Kata's owner

8 Girls & 2 Boys (in the green collars), born July 20, 2008

Click here to visit their baby photo gallery 

  Click here to see their latest photos

Click here to meet their 'forever' homes

(scroll down for introductions)

Hope you enjoy the 'voyage' with the kids over the next several weeks...

We are proud to introduce: (sleepy pups!)

Paris (in the solid pink collar)

Havana (in the striped pink collar)

Kenya (in the white collar)  

Brooklyn (in the orange collar)

Bali (in the yellow collar)

Dakota (in the solid green collar)

Madeira (in the purple collar)

Narita (in the purple striped collar)

Nepal (in the striped collar)

Vegas (in the red collar)